PlenumWorks is a social enterprise formed for the purpose of alleviating inequalities in housing.

operating as an LLC registered in the State of Tennessee

working toward B-Corp certification


A Social Enterprise in the Housing Sector

Pursuing social objectives while participating in and influencing the mainstream real estate market

Managing a revenue generating business that reinvests in social objectives rather than taking profit.

Creating opportunities for socially conscious investing at the local level


Primary Activities

Aggregate, disaggregate, disencumber, repair and redevelop real property suitable for homeownership, affordable housing, and small business entrepreneurship

Support the formation and capacity-building of public-purpose entities concerned with real property, the public realm, and community economic development

Facilitate transfers of real estate to public-purpose entities for permanent affordability, shared equity, or homeownership


The change we want to see in the world

Increased Homeownership

more opportunities for homeownership and small business premises ownership

Permanently affordable rental housing

more opportunities for stable and affordable rental tenure matched to the needs of Chattanooga households.

Public-purpose landlords and housing trusts

more and stronger public-purpose organizations acting as property owners, land trusts, and housing trusts at a neighborhood scale.


Our strategic role in the housing equity process

PlenumWorks assembles and transfers properties to community-based entities. We hold properties temporarily while stabilizing the financing, the physical structures, the tenants and homeowners, and community organizations. We help to found new organizations where needed, and build up their capacity to manage properties going forward.


Mission Statement

PlenumWorks seeks to rebalance economic inequality through homeownership and permanently affordable rental housing.

We work in the mainstream real estate market, with measurable social impacts as our primary objective.