Chattanooga's neighborhoods are growing and changing. Residents and neighborhood organizations should lead the way.

Plenum consists of three related programs:

Technical Assistance

Supporting neighborhood organizations, residents, and property owners.

Technical Assistance

Plenum Constellation

A 'community of practice' supporting leaders of community-based initiatives.


Plenum Studio

A mentorship-based skills development program with a social enterprise model.

Plenum Studio

Technical Assistance

Neighborhoods can do more to be prepared for the future.

  • better information about current neighborhood character
  • and about the planning and development process
  • ongoing familiarity and discussion of development issues among residents


Neighborhoods can establish and lead a vision for their area.

  • neighborhood plans
  • conservation overlay districts
  • community benefit agreements


Neighborhoods can lead redevelopment efforts.

  • forming development partnerships
  • direct participation in municipal infrastructure and open space projects
  • establishing community development corporations


Our current technical assistance project is the Chattanooga Neighborhood Atlas Project.

Please contact us at to learn more about our technical assistance services.

Plenum Constellation

Plenum Constellation is a peer support network of neighborhood-based cultural leaders.

Core beliefs and principles of action

  • Respect for the reality of other people’s lives: their paradigms, priorities, identities, and actions.
  • The defense of ordinary life: protecting and prioritizing the dignity of everyday activities and freedoms over any ideological objectives, grand plans, or -isms.
  • Restoring the ‘landscape’ of equality: engaging in current efforts in a manner that redresses deeper inequalities.

Community of practice activities

ongoing interpersonal dialogue
convening occasions for peer learning
publishing community voices
collaborative projects

The first constellation project is the Cultural Asset Inventory Process.

Plenum Studio

Plenum Studio is a mentorship program for high school and college level.

Plenum Studio seeks to set up viable businesses on a social enterprise model, to provide work opportunities to trainees/workers.

  • Inclusive, social and emotional growth in a community context
  • Maker skills, ranging from craftsmanship to web design and writing.
  • Entrepreneurship skills and responsibilities.

Plenum Studio is in the early stages of development. We currently offer informal career guidance, internship matching and referrals.

Please contact us at