About Plenum

PLENUM is a public-purpose development company that helps communities reconfigure their public realm resources. We partner with residential developers and institutions to build the civic and retail environments at the heart of emerging neighborhoods.


The idea of community benefit is central to our work. We believe that public space and community-serving retail are essential to healthy neighborhoods. We offer new ways to manage neighborhood centers that increase livability, equality, and conviviality.


We believe that novel forms of ownership, tenure, financing and governance are needed to provide and maintain the social benefits of public places. PLENUM operates in the gap between market-based residential development and public sector community economic development initiatives.

Our Director

Roy Wroth


Roy founded PLENUM in 2014, after 20 years of work across the fields of urbanism, preservation planning, and community development.

As an urban designer, Roy worked for global consulting firm Arup and for New Urbanism pioneer Stefanos Polyzoides, and managed his own firm for over a decade.

In project implementation, Roy has worked for city and tribal governments, for not-for-profits, and for development companies.

In institution building, he has co-founded and led several community development organizations, and has advised numerous others around the world.

Roy's LinkedIn profile.

PLENUM grew out of my life-long commitment to the human habitat. As an architect, I focused on urban design, to create a sense of place in the larger urban environment.

As an urbanist, I gravitated toward community economic development, so that common dreams could find financial foundations.

As a community development leader, I dreamed of an “Agency” that would have the strength and independence of a private land developer, while pursuing public purposes like an NGO.

PLENUM is still very young. It embodies high ideals while operating within its current capabilities. "

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