Introducing the PLENUM community of practice


Plenum is a collective of community-builders centered on peer learning, mutual support, and friendship. We share resources–creative, intellectual, and practical.


Practice Areas

Participants come from a variety of disciplines. We practice an agency-based approach to personal and community development.


Core beliefs and principles of action

  1. Respect for the reality of other people’s lives: their paradigms, priorities, identities, and actions.
  2. The defence of ordinary life: protecting and prioritizing the dignity of everyday activities and freedoms over any ideological objectives, grand plans, or -isms.
  3. Restoring the ‘landscape’ of equality: engaging in current efforts in a manner that redresses deeper inequalities.


Community of practice activities

  • ongoing interpersonal dialogue
  • convening occasions for peer learning
  • publishing community voices
  • celebrating collaborative projects